Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I have been thinking about starting this blog for a while now.  It feels as though now is a right time.  I just wanted to take the time to share my thoughts that led to this blog.

So, here's a little background on me.  My husband is a second year medical student at the University of Louisville.  We have a 1 1/2 year old daughter who I take care of.  We have been married for four years.  After being in Louisville for a year, I am really starting to feel at home here.  I have some really good friends and have been able to meet so many interesting and wonderful people.  My husband is in a leadership position in our church at the moment, and that, coupled with his responsibilities in school has kept him very busy.  Even though I am 100% happy with my life and our situation, all of this extra time of being alone, also being a mother and trying to be the best I can for my daughter, has led me to realize that there are quite a few things about myself that I need to change.  To be honest, I am a little like an ostrich.  A lot of the time I keep my head in the sand, ignoring the things in my life that I need to change.  And the things that I want to change aren't super drastic, I really just want to become a better me.  Also, I want to be honest about myself too.  I don't want to put on a front that I have everything under control, that I am fashionable, always put together, eat really healthy food, exercise everyday, and am super spiritual.  I want to make this blog a place where I, and whomever might stumble upon this, can openly and honestly discuss the struggles of being a wife, mother, friend, and whatever other role we might fill.  And I want this to be a place of no judgement.

For example, this morning, my daughter immediately grabbed the half-eaten milk chocolate bar from my nightstand and ate most of it.  I could have stopped her.  I should have stopped her and forced green smoothie and oatmeal down her little throat, but I let her eat it.  Then I gave her some oatmeal, which she only ate two bites of.  Anyway, the point of this is that I felt guilty.  I typically would have kept this to myself. But, I think it's important for us to share our triumphs and failures as women.  Some mornings my baby will drink her green smoothie, eat a whole bowl of oatmeal, and eat a bunch of fruit too.  Somedays it's chocolate.  But that is life.  That is real.  And that is what I want to talk about here.

I hope everyone who comes here will feel comfortable and welcome.  Feel free to leave any comments and concerns.  And welcome to my life!